Using Epics for Managers

About the plugin

Epics for Managers is a powerful Jira plugin designed to streamline project management by providing a comprehensive and visually intuitive report of epics within a Jira project. Utilizing a user-friendly list view, each epic is represented as a card enriched with key details such as summary, description, assignee, status, labels, and due dates. This plugin enhances productivity by offering managers and teams a centralized hub to track epic milestones, identify issues, and make informed decisions, all within the familiar Jira interface.

Access the plugin

Access Epics for Managers from the project side panel in the Apps section.

View epics

The epics report is automatically displayed in a list. Each epic is displayed in a separate card. 10 epics are displayed initially. The epic card can be customized with more fields by using the Card Designer in the edit mode.

The epic logo is fetched from the 1st image attachment on the epic.

Load more epics

To load more epics into the list click on the "Load more" button at the bottom of the page.


Epics for Managers has different viewes that you can switch between to quickly go through various information about the projects. Different views can include different epic statuses, also different visual representation (coming soon). Use the views switcher at the top to change the view. Views are filters that can be customized from the edit mode (more below).

Edit mode

The edit mode is for expert users wishing to customize the report to their needs. The edit mode includes various tools each further customizing the report for optimal results. Toggle the edit mode on and off by using the settings icon on the top right.

Card Designer

Add or remove fields to the epic card. Add rows and customize fields labels.


[Coming Soon] Set the base filter for the report. By default it fetches all epics in the project.

Views Editor

[Coming Soon] Create custom views.


[Coming Soon] Share the report with other team members.


For any inquiries or bug reporting please use the support portal to raise a ticket.

Support portal link here

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