Setup and Use

1. Add the gadget to a dashboard

You first want to add the gadget to one of your dashboards. Add the gadget like any other one by: 1- Click Edit on the dashboard. 2- Locate the Dashboard Projects List gadget on the list to the right. 3- Click Add.

2. Select the columns to display

In the first drop down list you can choose which columns to display.

3. Filter the right projects

Using the Projects, Clients and Categories filter you can control which projects to be displayed on the gadget. The filters accept multiple values.

4. Choose the preferred order

Use the Order By field to set which order you prefer for displaying the project.

5. Fetching Data

You need to click on the Fetch Data button whenever you add a new Project, Client, or Category also when people assigned in project roles have been changed.

You need to click on the Fetch New Roles button when a new role was added to Jira and you want to have it showing as a column.

6. Clients List App

The clients used by the gadget are the same ones you assign using the Clients List App.

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