Using the plugin

Add Client

The first thing to do with Clients List is to add your clients by clicking the Add Client button. For each client you will enter the following:
  • Short Name -- an appreviation of the client name, will be used as an identifier for this client, must be unique
  • Long Name -- the name of the client
  • Added Date -- the date you first started working with the client

Manage Clients

After having all your clients added to Clients List you can start managing them. You can see a table with all clients, each with their projects. You can edit the client the change its name.

View projects without client

The default view will show you the projects that are not assigned to clients.

Assign Projects

Assign projects to their respective client by clicking on the Assigne to client button next to the project. Do that by selecting a project and choosing which client they belong to and click Assign.


Clients List automatically creates a filter for each client. You can access the filter by clicking Filter Link next to the project. Filters can be used to create boards and view reports. Filters can also be used with other Jira plugins to only view data for a specific client. For Filters to work correctly, you have to assign all projects to their respective clients.

Re-assign project to another client

First remove the project from its current client and then assign it to the new client.

Reset clients

Clients List has an option to remove all the clients data at once for a temporary period. Be careful that this option will cause disruption to the plugin, use with care or when asked by support to do so. To run the Reset Clients option: Turn on the Edit Mode then open the options popup.